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How to Search

To search without knowing the business name, enter the business type, products, services, brands or other details in the What Box, then click Search.

If you know the Business name enter the business name into the Who Box and Click Search.

You can type into both boxes, which will search for the Business name with the related business type.

To Search for a business in a particular area, type a Postcode, Suburb or City in the Where Box.

How to "Get Listed"

To get your business listed, click the "Get Listed" tab.

Now fill in the information required in the form.

When you have completed the required information you can hit the post Business button.

Once your information is submitted to DiggyGuide, one of our Sales Consultants will contact you within 2 working days (Just to confirm that you are a real business).

Manage your Listing

To manage your listing click the "My Listing" tab.

Now you can manage your listing by logging in with the Username and Password you received from our Sales Consultant.

If you have forgotten your password you can type your phone number in the box below. If the phone number you entered does not correspond to a Business in our listings, you will be redirected to Get Listed, before you can add your business to DiggyGuide.

Once you have entered your phone number, click the Find Now Button. If you are a customer with Diggy Internet Services, you can click the lost password link next to your business name, then type in your email address into the eBM password retrieval tool, to receive your password via email.

If you are not a customer with Diggy Internet Services, click the Request password link next to your business name. This will send your password to the email account you registered with DiggyGuide.

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